Repairs & Maintenance

Effective maintenance and on-time repair of your backflow device is imperative to ensure you stay compliant with government regulations. It is also crucial because proper maintenance and repair work helps ensure the water is free of contamination and safe. At New Gen Mechanical Ltd., we have the proficiency to repair any kind of malfunctioning in your backflow assembly and ensure it operates in an efficient manner. We also perform annual maintenance and servicing, thoroughly inspecting each part and component of the device to identify leakages or other defects. With proper technique and expertise, we ensure the backflow assembly operates optimally for years to come.

Our Services

We are a trusted choice for backflow testing, installation and repair, offering a wide spectrum of services that encompass:


Complying with backflow prevention norms is imperative for residences, commercial, and industrial properties. Consult us for hassle-free, efficient, and professional backflow testing, installation, and repairs.

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