New Installation

Are you considering installing a new backflow preventer system? Have your old backflow assembly become old and need replacement? Trust New Gen Mechanical Ltd. for prompt and reliable backflow installation services. Our certified technicians will first inspect your pipeline system and then suggest the best backflow preventer for your property. Leveraging advanced technology and unmatched skills of our team, we can efficiently install any kind of backflow device for high and low-rise residences, commercial warehousing, schools, manufacturing & industrial facilities, hospitals, etc. Our objective is to help you stay compliant, promote safety, and enhance the value of your property.

Our Services

We are a trusted choice for backflow testing, installation and repair, offering a wide spectrum of services that encompass:


Complying with backflow prevention norms is imperative for residences, commercial, and industrial properties. Consult us for hassle-free, efficient, and professional backflow testing, installation, and repairs.

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